Antidote to the wintertime blues.

Winter climates can be a bit hard on the skin. ❄️ Not only is there often less humidity in wintery environments, but our showers get hotter and longer which only adds to the dryness.  

Let me share with you my antidote to the wintertime blues. 

✨ I dry brush my skin before every shower. If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a simple technique of using a natural bristle brush to exfoliate and stimulate the skin, always using strokes which aim toward the heart space. ♥️ This removes surface cellular buildup, as well as stimulates and supports the lymphatic system. (You can google dry brushing for more detailed instructions 😉) 

✨In the shower, I try to be mindful of how hot my water temperature is. The hotter the water, the higher the ph and the more stressful it can be on the skin. I like it warm, but not too hot. 

✨ I use a gentle cleanser made with beneficial ingredients, and I avoid soap at this time of year. (P.S. this might be a new product for us someday soon ♥️) 

✨After my shower or bath, I immediately apply Blue Tansy Body Oil  over my damp, warm skin. This actually seals the moisture into the skin, preventing TEWL or trans epidermal water loss, aka dry skin. 

✨Finally, I pat (but never rub) my skin until dry. I’ll apply a little extra body oil to trouble areas such as my heels and knees. 


And, Voilà! This is my answer to chronically dry winter skin! ❣️



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